Thermomix: Curry Chicken

咖喱在我的印象中是一道难度高的佳肴,用料多还需要种种香料,所以从来不在我 to-cook 的名单里。不过为了解决上星期买的马铃薯,我只好勇敢试一试。在 my.thermomixrecipes 找到几个咖喱鸡的食谱,就选最简单,用料较少的这个吧!

两小放学一进家门就一边喊 “好香,smell good” 的走来厨房。本来还担心予勤吃不了辣,想不到她也忍不住试吃,还不停的赞好吃。成功!


Ingredients A:
150g shallots
50g garlic


Ingredients B:
25g curry powder (mix well with 5g of water)


Ingredients C:
10g sugar
5g salt
20g light soy sauce
1000g chicken
300g potatoes
100g water


1.  Chicken in Ingredients C marinated with 10g light soy sauce and  5g curry powder for 1 hour.

2.  Add ingredients A to chop, MC, 5 sec, Sp 6

3.  Add 40g oil to sauté ingredients A, MC, 7 minutes, V, Sp 1

4.  Add Ingredients B to cook, MC, 3 minutes, V, Sp 1

5.  Insert butterfly, add Ingredients C, MC, 17 minutes, V, Reverse Spoon

* you may add-in any vegetables of your choice e.g. lady finger, carrot etc in last few minutes.

P_20151112_183517_p P_20151112_184402_1_p


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